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Health Fitness Strength & Balance

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Nelly Camacho

Nelly Camacho instructs the following:
  • All levels welcome.

    You can burn calories and tone muscle with our Rev Total Body Resistance Exercise (TRX)-based class! This workout uses the suspension of two straps to utilize the force of gravity against your own body weight to build strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability. By hitting every major muscle group, taxing your core, and sweating out your body’s toxins in this low-impact, total body workout, you’ll leave class feeling challenged, energized, and refreshed.

  • Rev’s High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) mixes short bursts of intense activity with even shorter periods of rest, allowing your body to burn more calories in less time! Win-win, right? Our Rev HIIT Circuit classes combine the total body workout of TRX, the muscle-building of light weights, the agility of boxing, and the endurance of cardio. This high calorie-burning, flexible workout will push your body to the max in a minimal amount of time.

  • In our Rev Barre classes, you’ll use precise, ballet-inspired isometric movements to build your strength and lengthen your muscles. And what exactly does that do for you? It boosts your balance and flexibility—and it tones and conditions your entire body. Not bad for a few tiny movements, right? NOTE: Grip socks are required for this class.